Our Culture

The “Configure Way”

Above all else, Configure’s culture and approach to doing business are what differentiate us from our peers.  The professionals at Configure have rejected the bravado and “eat-what-you-kill” mentality of typical investment banks.  Instead, we have embraced a low ego, high-vulnerability, team-first approach.  Our clients are the benefactors.  Each and every professional at Configure is motivated first to deliver the world-class capabilities of the firm without concern for personal outcomes.

The relationships we enjoy with our clients — relationships that are much more than merely transactional — are a direct result of our unparalleled commitment to delivering outstanding results. We strive to be a true partner and the antithesis of most investment banks.

We provide clients the advice, guidance, and client service that we would expect to receive if the roles were reversed.

The simplicity of that message, combined with the sincerity of its delivery, forges long-term mutually beneficial client relationships.

People and Firm Management

People who choose to work at Configure do so because they desire to make an impact – both on our firm and the clients we serve.  Our team members embody the following characteristics:

  • Humility. Our clients’ problems are our problems, and we are relentlessly focused on exceeding client expectations in providing exceptional advisory as well as humble, low ego client service.
  • Hunger. Our team expects to strive for perfection and to learn from mistakes.  We are committed to constant personal and professional improvement, and development as a team.
  • People First. Our reputation in the middle market is deliberate.  We have developed deep, often personal relationships with lenders, private equity sponsors, attorneys, and turnaround professionals.  We are known for developing a constructive dialogue to more effectively advocate for our clients.

The firm is a flat organization bereft of hierarchy.  Our deal teams are lean, providing meaningful exposure to internal leadership, investors, and clients, and ultimately leading to accelerated professional development.

Consistent with our long-term approach to client development, Configure actively invests in our professionals to bolster skills and capabilities, with a bias toward promoting from within the firm.