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Middle Market Private Equity: Where Do We Go From Here?

Closing in on one year since COVID-19 first appeared, uncertainty has been, and remains, a constant theme. The broader economic picture seems tenuous at best, but M&A activity rebounded strongly in the last quarter of 2020, with all signs pointing to further resiliency in the period ahead. Still, while transaction volumes have recovered, it may be a long time before we see a return to some sort of pre-pandemic normalcy.

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Doing Business – and Doing Deals – in the PPP Era

While most of the risk resides with PPP borrowers, there is also a concern among lenders, whether real or imagined, that the SBA might refuse to honor its guarantee if a PPP lender errs in authorizing transactions that are below change-of-control thresholds requiring SBA consent. This somewhat amorphous concern has led to a heightened level of lender scrutiny across the board, introducing delays to the consent process.

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Middle Market LBOs in a Post-COVID World

The fallout from the pandemic has not fully developed, but it is clear that it has reached across all segments of the economy. Configure Partners occupies a center seat in the deal ecosystem…

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